Trend Report: Military Jacket

One of my favorite women's trend for 2009 was the military jackets. It appeared on 2008 but got a boost up after Michael Jackson's death. The jackets usually have golden double breasted button front and shoulder pads.
Military jackets trend is mostly referred to Balmain's 08-08 collections, though Alexander McQueen, D&G and much more have had them on their runway.
images source: Michael Jackson, Barton

I like it matched with a high waisted skirt 'Blair Waldorf' style, or even with a dress (check out Mischa Barton's picture) which is classic and feminine, but also with skinny jeans or with shiny black leggings rock-style, like Beyonce, which is more common.
images source: Claudia Schiffer for UK Vogue april 09, Beyonce in Balmain
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