How to Pick the Right Suit for Men

(contributed by Drew Remington)

Each man is different when it comes to buying a suit. How should you chose yours? Here are a few tips for buying a suit of your choice.

What’s the Occasion?

First, what is the purpose for the suit? Are you looking for something professional, something formal, or are you trying to show off? Picking the right suit is a gamble (although you can read more for more tips in gambling). With your formal occasions, you can definitely stick with your basic suit and can even get away with your base colors of black and navy blue. This works well if the occasion is for someone else. You don’t want to take attention away from the guest of honor.

On the other hand, if you do want the attention, you may want something that pops a bit. While the classic really sharp black three-piece ensemble can work for this, consider something a little more eye catching. A glimpse of a bold color may do the trick: such as a white ensemble, accentuated by combination of red dress shirt. An example of when you want to go this route is if you want to be noticed, such as a formal party or if you were playing some high stakes blackjack at your local casino.

Tips for Big Men

If you a larger man or if you are shopping for one, you will know that shopping for suits can be a bear. Style choices may be somewhat limited, but there are still a few things you can do to make the process easier. First, if the gentleman cannot go, get his specific measurements, specifically his neck size, inseam, and arm length. The reason for these is that unless you larger man just happens to be proportioned right, buying a standard 20 inch neck is going to usually result in sleeves that are way too long.

Next, your darker colors are going to be a better choice for a larger man as these colors tend to be more slimming than others. Also, consider getting a larger tie for the gentleman to make sure that it has sufficient length to pull off the look you want. Also, stay away from your short sleeve shirts with larger men as many of these will wind up being more like half sleeves or longer if your man is under 6’. If you have to choose between too long and short sleeve, go long and slightly roll up the sleeves. By the time you get to the point where you will probably take your coat off, nobody much will notice rolled up sleeves.

The above tips should give you a little extra insight in finding the right suit for a man. Do a little extra research in your own time, but being mindful of the occasion will typically remain the biggest factor for shopping for a suit.