I was interviewed for MTV IGGY by their lovely reporter Laurence (check out her blog) about Styletube, trends and the differences between London and Tel Aviv. This is how it went:

"Our Q&A with urban style blogger Nimi Avigal, creator of the Tel Aviv-based blog iLook, takes us to trend-oozing London, where he's well underway with his latest fashionable undertaking: StyleTube. Nimi's new blog keeps to the same no-frills format of capturing urban fashion trends as it's Israeli sister site. But the differences in cultural chic are clear! Check out the blogger's thoughts on the shift between fashion back in Tel Aviv and his new UK home as well as a selection of our favorite subjects from the blog!
Give us an update! Where are you living & what are you working on?
Although my new blog, StyleTube is centered around London street style, I actually live in Cambridge, which is about an hour from London by train.
What are the biggest differences you’ve noticed between fashion in Tel Aviv and London?
The biggest difference is the weather! Tel Aviv never gets that cold, so people don't need to bundle themselves up. Besides that, in Tel Aviv people care less about fashion, and tend to keep it simple, preferring comfort and just looking sexy over being trendy. Here in London people are much more up to date, trendy and experimental". Find the rest of it here.